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Lead development partner for Smarteezie

Who We Are

Accord Information Solutions Ltd was created in 2009.

Accord IS are a small consultancy based in south London focussing on providing highly customised, quick and cost effective solutions to IT and information problems.

We have over 10 years of arboricultural software development working with leading tree consultants and we have been working on arbEvolve since 2014. arbEvolve is the result of a collaboration between arboriculture consultants, borough councils and national horticultural interests looking to harness modern technology to improve their business efficiency. By working closely with those surveying trees every day we have created a tree capture system that is as simple to use as it is quick. By working with organisations who need to manage their tree stock to ensure safety and tree health we have created a tree stock database providing the management information you need. By working with leading arboriculture consultants we have created reporting outputs allowing your business to quickly output the tree information in the style that makes your business stand out from the crowd.

Profile - Andrew Crossley

Andrew Crossley is director and lead developer at Accord IS. Having started his career in investment banking Andrew qualified as an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. After a couple of years within Internal Audit, at a Scandinavian bank, Andrew moved into IT as a programmer in 1993.

Over the next eight years Andrew was involved in various strategic projects including; creation of an entire online banking system, development of a banks trading room forward hedge calculation system and a Gas trading system. By 2001 Andrew was senior developer at Enron, where he was responsible for a large development team whose responsibilities included development of the worlds largest web site (in terms of turnover).

When Enron collapsed in late 2001, Andrew decided to turn his efforts to local IT. Since then he has successfully developed CRM (client relationship management) systems, a FM (facilities management) system, an insurance quotation web site for a large insurance broker, Clear Build which was runner up as most innovative new product at Interbuild 2007 and various other projects.

Andrews style of development is a RAD (rapid application development) approach, focussing on linking the end user straight to the developer so that applications can be created quickly and cost effectively, whilst providing the user with the exact tools they need to do their job. This approach and Accords experience can often mean that projects can be developed for as little as 20% of the cost of similar projects developed by larger software houses.

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